Plant your feet and find your balance in life 




* In the limitless potential of human beings. We believe in living an inspired life.

* In guiding our students towards a dedicated and committed Yoga practice.

* In encouraging a love of and relationship with a personal practice.  It is our goal to expose students to the freedom that manifests through deep commitment to one's Yoga. 

* In giving back to the community through donation based classes.


Barefoot Yoga Loft has been an instrumental part of my healing journey! I tried a Restorative Class for the first time a year ago right after finishing 4 months of chemo from a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis. I was very weak but I loved yoga from the first class. I was embraced, loved, encouraged by so many here, and felt so amazing after realizing how powerful and healing it is to breathe! I feel stronger today than I EVER have, and have wonderful tools to manage stress and live a healthy, long life!
— Amy D, Barefoot Yoga Loft Student

I fell in love with yoga after my very first time trying it. I took my first class at Barefoot Yoga Loft and I was hooked. That was about 4 years ago. I never imagined I would love yoga as much as I do now. Yoga has helped me in so many ways. I have struggled with anxiety, worry and fear for many years. Yoga has helped me get through some difficult times. It has also brought so much balance to my life. I wish everyone would give yoga a chance. It can be life changing.
Barefoot Yoga Loft is like my second home. When I walk through the doors I immediate feel relaxed and so comfortable. The instructors are amazing! You can feel such community with the teachers and the students. This is why I love the studio so much. Nicole & Kristine, you are amazing! Iā€™m so thankful to both of you for everything you do for this studio & its students.
— Gina