Amy Tobey,  E-RYT200/500RYT    Co Owner Barefoot Yoga Loft

 Amy realized just how much clarity began to show up in her life by starting a yoga practice.  In 2012, she embarked on the beginning to one of her many teacher trainings so that she could share with others her experiences.   Amy's classes are built with a synchronized flow of breath, and built into an arch as we build tension up to release.  Teaching that when we use 100% breath awareness, we can create a greater distance from our busy thoughts. Using our breath, and our body awareness, we learn how to use our yoga as a tool to mindfulness. Amy's love for arm balances and inversions may even come into play.  Reminding us that we can always overcome fear, by simply making a choice of reacting differently. Expect a little humor, a lot of connection and a whole class time of  letting go of the craziness in our world.  Promising yourself the time that you deserve so that you can bring more clarity to your life.

Keli Allegro,  RYT200       Co Owner Barefoot Yoga Loft

Keli started doing yoga a few years ago and not only became hooked, but curious just how much a practice could change her not only physically, but spiritually as well.  After seeking more yoga classes, she found her place where everything came to a sense of feeling complete. It was power vinyasa that not only gave her a challenge of using her body, but also her understandings of what having an intention meant in life.  Teacher training followed soon after, as the very intention to continue to share and show others how much you can learn about yourself by having a practice.  In her classes, it's about finding that mind and body connection.  Building strength not only physically, but mindfully.  Keli wants people to know that yoga is so much more than the shape your body is making in a pose, it's listening to your body and using your breath to guide you through it all. 


Ashley Wehrmann,  RYT 200/RCYT

Ashley enhances the the opportunity to guide others in their yoga practice, regardless of age, experience, or ability.  She creates a safe and fun environment to explore all possibilities and truly believes yoga offers union and healing that stretches beyond the mat.  Ashley feels yoga is about learning who you are by bringing more awareness to your body, mind,and spirit.  As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Ashley believes in the goodness of people, the healing power of nature, and the importance of dreams.  

Amy Lidy,   Hot Power Fusion 

Amy  has been a high school teacher and cheerleading coach for 10 years with an extreme love for fitness.  She found hot yoga in the summer of 2009 and immediately fell in love with it. It puts a smile on her face to see not only how yoga has helped so many people; spiritually, mentally, and physically, but also how it brings so many people together.  Trained in a special Hot Power Fusion program, Amy brings awareness to the benefits of heat, and opening up your body to find release.  Always spinning fun and laughter through class reminding us just how simple life can be; the choice of how to react is in our powers and decisions.  Your practice is a reflection of your self, and how you choose to respond to what life hands us.  

Julia Gore, E-RYT200


Living in Colorado as an avid skier, mountain biker, hiker and runner, a yoga studio had opened minutes from her home.  Julia began to practice regularly, adding yoga to her daily regimens,  but it wasn't until the studio introduced Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga that she was hooked!  Each class left her feeling detoxified, renewed and yearning for the journey to continue.  In 2006, teacher training had lead her to find solace, direction, community, peace, spirituality and ultimately her dharma.  Julia's classes are engaging and light hearted with an emphasis on alignment and self-awareness.  Always reminding us that a beginners mind is the best approach to life and to your practice.  Giving ourselves the opportunity to begin where you are and explore the possibilities for whatever might show up.  Classes are physically challenging but allow for creativity, playfulness and fun while stimulating your desire to be true to yourself on your mat and in your life.


Nicole Gavin,  Restorative Yoga

As a fitness instructor, and personal trainer for the past 15 years, Nicole has a passion to encourage others to find their balance in health and life.  Understanding how stress, expectations, and even our own egos may take toll on our ways of how we view ourselves.  Discovering yoga as an importance to our daily regimes, Nicole speaks to how yoga can bring balance to her body both physically and mentally.  More time on your mat, translates to more awareness and being even more present in your day to day actions.  If you meet Nicole in her Restorative classes, plan to extend beyond relaxing poses and begin to also learn how to release any judgement, any worries, and any need to be anywhere else at that very moment!  Classes will focus on the intention that when we make the time for ourselves, we can then begin to discover just where to find our balance beyond the mat.



Danny Benoit

Danny turned to yoga in 1991 to help settle his mind after serving in the Gulf War. Healing happened and his yoga practice stopped. He rekindled his affair with yoga in 1995 looking for a new physical challenge. The affair turned to love as he felt his physical practice turn into a spiritual awakening. This awakening has kept him connected to the mat ever since.  After years of unfulfilled corporate work, Danny left California for a yearlong road trip throughout the US and Mexico to “rediscover” himself. This newfound clarity led him to Nepal where he taught Nepali's to fly airplanes in the Himalayas. Inspired by conversations with his students, he started teaching yoga in the flight school airplane hangar. The "Asana Courses" in B.K.S. Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" would be his teaching guide.

After a year in Nepal he headed back to the U.S. and settled in Chicago where he has become a leader in the Chicago yoga community. Through his travels he discovered what he wanted out of life. To seek! To teach! "The peaks of joy I've experience in seeing a student achieve their "next level" is a driving force in my life. Using my knowledge and experiences to help others grow is as gratifying as it gets for me."

Influenced by the teachings of Max Strom, Saul David Raye, and Janet Stone, Danny creates a fun-filled learning environment loaded with energy that will be sure to touch you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Nicole Orr

Nicole believes we are all constantly evolving beings, and that yoga is a perfect example of how we can transform our bodies and minds through focus and dedication. Yoga entered Nicole's life unexpectedly. Following an accident in which she broke her pelvis, in 2003, Nicole was restricted from high impact exercise. It wasn't long before Nicole was hooked on yoga- Almost immediately Nicole felt a difference. She was amazed at her improved strength, focus and physical and mental balance. She believes the principles and practice of yoga help us reach balance with ourselves and the universe in which we exist. As a student of yoga, Nicole imagined how as a teacher she could help her students gain strength, agility and balance and could also help them see how fun and inspiring yoga can be.


Courtney LaRoche


 Courtney shares a philosophy of  leading a healthy lifestyle in order to have healthier future.  We should all treat our bodies with special care.  Eating right, giving back, and understanding when to go the limit and when it's time to take a bit of a break.  Courtney also shares the philosophy of taking the time to not only build physical strength, but also strength from within.  Take time for yourself to be active in order to keep our bodies strong, so that we have strength in anything we should have to face in life.  A ton of contagious energy motivates anyone in Courtney's classes.  She believes in you and wants you to believe in yourself!