KRISTINE STUKENBORG | Co-Owner | RYT200/Pranayama/kids

Kristine's quiet nature and nurturing attitude is evident in all that she does. During a transitional time in her life, her curiosity led her to yoga.  There are so many benefits she's experienced from her consistent yoga practice, aside from the obvious physical gains, and Kristine loves to share that with her students. More importantly, she wishes to share the peace that is not only felt in her practice, but also in her life. She looks forward to sharing and giving in a community that has given so much to her. Here to give, here to balance, and here to change. Just show up!


NICOLE GAVIN | Co-Owner | RYT 200/Restorative/Yin/Kids

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past 19 years, Nicole has a passion to encourage others to reach their fitness potential, and is inspired by watching others succeed in attaining their fitness and wellness goals. When Nicole added yoga to her regimen,  she discovered how it not only brought balance to her body from years of high impact workouts, but how it mentally grounded her. She brings a light hearted style and provides her students the tools to create their own mind body connection on the mat, and throughout their life.


Keli started doing yoga a few years ago and not only became hooked, but curious just how much a practice could change her not only physically, but spiritually as well.  It was power vinyasa that not only gave her a challenge of using her body, but also her understandings of what having an intention meant in life.  Teacher training followed soon after, as the very intention to continue to share and show others how much you can learn about yourself by having a practice.  In her classes, it's about finding that mind and body connection.  Building strength not only physically, but mindfully.  Keli wants people to know that yoga is so much more than the shape your body is making in a pose, it's listening to your body and using your breath to guide you through it all. 


Ashley enhances the the opportunity to guide others in their yoga practice, regardless of age, experience, or ability.  She creates a safe and fun environment to explore all possibilities and truly believes yoga offers union and healing that stretches beyond the mat.  Ashley feels yoga is about learning who you are by bringing more awareness to your body, mind,and spirit.  As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Ashley believes in the goodness of people, the healing power of nature, and the importance of dreams.  



Lauren , also known as Lo, was naturally drawn to yoga, having been a dancer for 18 years. She has always embraced the flows of the body and the strength within. Yoga has shaped her in ways of understanding a bigger connection through breath awareness and mindfulness. Lo's easy attitude and smiles are contagious for those around her, and she creates a sense of rest and ease in the energy and space in her classes. When not in yoga class, or teaching dance, you might find her with a cup of coffee or sharing a meal with family and friends. She is always looking for the next travel destination and open to all that she meets on her path.



Sara Martinez was drawn to holistic wellness in 2008 when she saw the difference it made for her dog with severe hip dysplasia. Her holistic wellness journey brought her to yoga in 2012 when she started to practice.

For several years her practice came and went, but she noticed that she never felt better than when she was practicing regularly. She decided she wanted to help others feel the changes that were possible with yoga. Sara’s intention when teaching students is to help them find themselves while on their mats. Her goal is to see them grow in their practice and their lives through breath, movement and balance on and off the mat. When Sara is not teaching she enjoys spending time gardening, playing and relaxing with her family on their farm in Chebanse, IL.



Tami is a yoga teacher who specializes in restorative and trauma Informed yoga. Tami helps her student’s find joy in their busy, stressed, and over committed lives. She is able to help her students fully relax by using a variety of props, essential oils, and various other modalities. Certified as Level 1 Relax and Renew Teacher, Pre-Natal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Office Ergonomics, and Trauma Informed. She is a student for life who continues to grow by taking workshops, trainings, and working with a variety of teachers.

ANNA ARMENISE | Barre Intensity, RYT 200 In-Training

Anna works full time at Riverside in the Radiation Cancer Center, she is a dog mom and is DOG OBSESSED! Her passions include yoga and fitness, so when the opportunity to dive into a Yoga Teacher Training presented itself, as well as a Barre training, she went all in. She loves spending time with her family and welcome opportunity to challenge herself by setting new goals.



Paula grew up in Manteno, IL and moved to the San Francisco Bay area in search of new opportunities. Several decades later, she returned to her hometown. Her experience on the west coast proved to be priceless. She began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2001 and completed her teacher training in 2003. As a nurse it was easy to see how the practice of yoga could be helpful for so many people. Her passion for yoga came easily, quite simply because of all of the benefits of the practice. Bikram is a beginning yoga class and anyone can do it. The hot 26 class is based on Bikram yoga and it’s philosophy. This class is not about perfection, it is more about alignment, breathing, focus, concentration and active meditation. Paula enjoys teaching classes to students interested in learning more about these 26 basic hatha postures and breathing exercises. If you are interested in a beginning class, performed in the heat, with a little bit of her sense of humor mixed in, then this class is for you!



Crystal has been teaching yoga since 2006 and loves helping women connect more fully to their spirituality through yoga and other mystical practices. Since 2016, she’s been building her online yoga business, transitioning from owning a studio which she opened in 2015, so she can focus more of her time at home to be with her family when she’s not traveling leading yoga retreats, learning or teaching at conferences. Crystal is a “yoga teacher’s teacher” and spends a lot of time training women how to be yoga teachers as well as mentoring yoga teachers on how to build their business.

AMY VOLLMER | Hot Power Fusion/Yin/Barre Shape

Amy  has been a high school teacher and cheerleading coach for 10 years with an extreme love for fitness.  She found hot yoga in the summer of 2009 and immediately fell in love with it. It puts a smile on her face to see not only how yoga has helped so many people; spiritually, mentally, and physically, but also how it brings so many people together.  Trained in a special Hot Power Fusion program, Amy brings awareness to the benefits of heat, and opening up your body to find release.  Always spinning fun and laughter through class reminding us just how simple life can be; the choice of how to react is in our powers and decisions.  Your practice is a reflection of your self, and how you choose to respond to what life hands us.   

You ladies are amazing and the attention you give each person in a very full class is outstanding! It’s like you can sense where I personally need help and push me just far enough to feel amazing while building strength and flexibility. I fall in love with the studio more each day! Thank you!!!!
— April, Barefoot Yoga Loft Student