Vinyasa (noun) - a steady flow of poses linked with breath and continuous movement.

Vinyasa is a combination of basic and advanced poses focused on moving with breath and engaging your core.  In this class, the teacher will create a sequence that breaks down many of the basics in vinyasa: breath, core, alignment and flexibility. Poses are linked together to flow with the breath.  This class incorporates core-strengthening poses to support the body and provides folds and twists to counterbalance the spine. 



Hot vinyasa 

(Hot Environment, 90-95 degrees) 

Hot Vinyasa puts a whole new focus on direct awareness buy using your breath and yoga as a tool for mindfulness.  This synchronized and dynamic flow of basic and advanced poses focuses on the core to become centered.  The sequence is built upon an arc of tension and release.  By using 100% awareness on your breath, you will become present and create space from your busy everyday thoughts.  Leave with a whole new connection to self: open, center and mindful.  Class may include inversions and arm balances.  The room is heated to around 90-95 degrees to help facilitate this integration of sweat, strength and spirit.


basic vinyasa 

In this 45-minute beginner Vinyasa class, we will link movement and breath for a gentle flow. Room will be warm, but not hot.


(Hot Environment, 90-95 degrees) 

This class focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. Prepare to sweat, as you'll be flowing through a vinyasa sequence that incorporates focused core intervals. All levels are welcome!

Breakdown to level up

This 75-minute class is designed for those with a solid yoga practice foundation as we explore and experiment our way to more advanced Level 2 poses. Class may include "workshop style breakdown" sessions, as well as a mindful vinyasa flow, all wrapping up with a delicious savasana . The room will be warm, but not hot.

Hot power  

(Hot Environment 95-100 degrees)

This is a set sequence that works the entire body through balance, strength and flexibility.   We guide you to utilize your breath to improve your focus, allowing your mind to become more clear. By combining the meditative properties of a set sequence with the power of heat and strengthening postures, you'll leave class feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

yoga sculpt 

(Coming November 2019!)

Enjoy this perfect blend of vinyasa, resistance training (think strength!) & cardio intervals to give you a well-rounded workout.




Barefoot Barre

Barefoot Barre is an all-levels, powerful, fun, high-energy workout that incorporates isometric muscle strengthening and sculpting. Barefoot Barre emphasizes total body toning and muscle endurance, using high-paced repetitive movements. This class incorporates classic barre exercises with weights, cardio and a yoga twist to improve your balance, flexibility and coordination.


HIIT the Barre combines the toning benefits of a great barre workout, with the cardio benefits of high intensity interval training and finishes with the lengthening and stretching of the yoga poses you love.



Calm and therapeutic in nature, this gentle flow class links poses, balancing ease and effort, to ultimately create inner stillness. Music, breath work (pranayama) and a variety of postures are creative woven to bring balance and peace to our day.

Relax & restore YOGA

A selection of restorative poses will support your body with props so the muscles, fascia and nervous system get to take a break from the daily grind. Restorative yoga uses props to hold your body in space while using no muscular effort along with guided relaxation in each session to help students release tension, enhance range of motion, and improve flexibility.


(Yoga for stress/Anxiety)

This class allows you to unwind you mind and relax your body as we incorporate one of yoga's biggest benefits--Stress Relief!  Anxiety and stress is something in which we can all relate.  However, it's when it becomes chronic, we may not understand just how debilitating it is to our bodies, our minds, and even our relationships with others.  Experience a variety of techniques including guided breath work, meditations, restorative poses and Yoga Nidra during this one hour mindful class.  Incorporate this into your week, and begin to notice the subtle shifts that show up.  We could all use a little reminder of what its like to feel simple and light again.

**This special class will be open for ages 12 & up!

Note:  all other classes at Barefoot Yoga Loft requires ages 15 & Up.

*All classes are subject to change--stay up to date with the latest schedule by downloading our Zen Planner App on your mobile phone.

*All classes are subject to change--stay up to date with the latest schedule by downloading our Zen Planner App on your mobile phone.